‘Nightmare Alley’, le prime reazioni della critica americana elogiano Cate Blanchett e Bradley Cooper

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Presentato alla stampa Usa unod egli ultimi, grandi titoli dell’anno: è il Nightmare Alley diretto dal premio Oscar Guillermo del Toro, con un cast che vanta nomi come Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Willem Dafoe e Toni Collette.

Tratto dal romanzo “La fiera delle illusioni” di William Lidsay Gresham, Nightmare Alley è una produzione Searchlight Pictures che debutterà nelle sale Usa a partire dal 17 dicembre, in Italia con Walt Disney Pictures dal 27 gennaio 2022.

Le prime reazioni della stampa Usa elogiano gli aspetti tecnici (scenografia, fotografia, costumi) e le performance di Bradley Cooper e Cate Blanchett. Non sembra però il titolo destinato a dominare gli Oscar del prossimo anno, almeno nelle categorie maggiori:

NIGHTMARE ALLEY is a pure genre exercise from Guillermo del Toro akin to Crimson Peak. Glossy film noir. Very over-the-top theatrics, but it mostly works. Bradley Cooper is best in show. Blanchett chews up the scenery with her femme fatale. Gorgeous photography by Dan Laustsen.

— Jordan Ruimy (@mrRuimy) December 2, 2021

NIGHTMARE ALLEY: GDT does noir. Take how brilliant you think that’s going to be, amplify it. A handsomely made, scuzzy, ALIVE realm of the sense that you want to stay in forever. The only turn off may be its deliberate pace, but that just makes its ending pay off even more.

— James Preston Poole (@JamesPPoole) December 2, 2021

#NightmareAlley. Well, that movie played me like a fiddle. @RealGDT…always keeping you on your toes with his beautifully dark poetry. So twisted. Gorgeously shot. Great score. Loved it!

— Preston Barta (@PrestonBarta) December 2, 2021

CATE. BLANCHETT. #NightmareAlley

— Gregory Ellwood – The Playlist 🎬 (@TheGregoryE) December 2, 2021

There are two movies within #NightmareAlley. One makes Bradley Cooper a long overdue Oscar winner. The other puts another statue on the shelf of visionary director Guillermo del Toro. Could be one, none or neither for the Academy. At minimum, production design race ended tonight. pic.twitter.com/Eb0O7tKnM4

— Clayton Davis (@ByClaytonDavis) December 2, 2021

NIGHTMARE ALLEY is delightfully evil. Bradley Cooper is no Tyrone Power, but he holds his own and pulls it off. But Cate Blanchett… oh boy she steals this thing and never gives it back. @RealGDT knocks this noir out of the park. Loved it.

— PlanesTrains&Alanmobiles (@AlanWCerny) December 2, 2021

Nightmare Alley is all round brilliance. guillermo del toro has made an unbelievably beautiful and incredible film. The production design is breathtaking. The performances are a spectacle with Bradley Cooper delivering one of the best of the year.

— Jazz Tangcay (@jazzt) December 2, 2021

#NightmareAlley is a gorgeous descent into madness with prob my fave Bradley Cooper performance. And no, it’s not cause he goes full frontal. 🤭

— Nigel Smith (@nigelmfs) December 2, 2021

#NightmareAlley is astonishing. It’s operatic, grotesque, and mesmerizing. I felt like I was a part of this world and it was one I didn’t want to leave. Undeniably masterful. pic.twitter.com/C9LJE1W2jL

— Shannon McGrew 🎃🍭 @ Screaming Into the Void (@shannon_mcgrew) December 2, 2021

.@RealGDT & @SunsetGunShot have knocked it out of the park with their remake of #NightmareAlley. A superb noir. Bradley Cooper & Cate Blanchett are divine. Tamara Deverell’s production design, Luis Sequeira’s costume design & Dan Laustsen’s cinematography all earn top marks. pic.twitter.com/CRF8RNVVNk

— Courtney Howard (@Lulamaybelle) December 2, 2021

Everything and nothing happens in #NightmareAlley. Would’ve been complete bust, save for the last 20 mins when things finally got entertaining, and a shockingly good score. Cooper mostly flat, but is given a killer final scene. Bad move putting this in the heart of awards season. pic.twitter.com/kN1d09zJyv

— Jason (@jasonosia) December 2, 2021

Immaculately constructed, Searchlight has a ★★★★★ across-the-board #Oscars contender in #NightmareAlley, @RealGDT has done it again with Bradley Cooper’s career-best performance, stellar cinematography & flawless editing, last awards film in & it’s a massive, MASSIVE winner pic.twitter.com/HvULKz0hN8

— EW (@ErickWeber) December 2, 2021

Guillermo del Toro’s #NightmareAlley is haunting & seductive in the way it draws you into its story about a man lost in his own long con. Steadily unsettling & wildly gripping by the end – the scenes between Bradley Cooper & Cate Blanchett are fantastic. Deliciously old fashioned pic.twitter.com/pcyYSGZX3U

— Erik Davis (@ErikDavis) December 2, 2021