‘The French Dispatch’: le reazioni a Cannes parlano del film visivamente più potente di Wes Anderson

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Oggi lunedì 12 luglio ha debuttato sulla Croisette del Festival di Cannes il tanto atteso The French Dispatch, il nuovo film scritto e diretto dal candidato all’Oscar Wes Anderson; la critica internazionale lo ha già dichiarato come uno dei film visivamente più potenti del regista statunitense di culto.

Alla morte del loro amato editore e fondatore della rivista per cui lavorano, quattro giornalisti danno vita a quattro differenti e complicate storie, ambientate sullo sfondo di una cittadina francese del XX secolo.

The French Dispatch debutta nelle sale italiane a partire dal 11 novembre grazie alla distribuzione di Searchlight Pictures. Ecco alcune delle reaction più significative:

The French Dispatch is an overwhelming visual feast even for Wes Anderson. Del Toro, McDormand and Wright are stand outs. I’m a big fan. #Cannes

— Gregory Ellwood – CANNES – The Playlist 🎬 (@TheGregoryE) July 12, 2021

THE FRENCH DISPATCH – A glorious explosion of Wes Andersony whimsy, it’s more movie than a season of cinematheque retrospectives, jammed with tricks and travails sure to dismay those refusing the ride, but for those open they’ll be in literary heaven. Bravo! #Cannes2021

— Jason Gorber @ #cannes2021 (@filmfest_ca) July 12, 2021

The French Dispatch – This is literally a cinematic visualization of a magazine, a tribute to journalists & writers. An extravagantly loquacious, intellectually dense, somewhat amusing series of short stories about an eccentric cast of characters in this French town. #Cannes2021

— Alex Billington @ Cannes 2021 (@firstshowing) July 12, 2021

THE FRENCH DISPATCH: Wes Anderson at his most visually inventive and least emotionally involving. anthologies will do that to ya. starts strong (Jacques Tati! Dirty Tilda! Benicio doing the mr fox growl a lot), peters out as it goes. fun enough to be worthy of an editor’s burial.

— david ehrlich (@davidehrlich) July 12, 2021

Stop the presses! Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch is an exuberantly inventive, dazzlingly stylish love letter to the golden age of American journalism, to expat writers &, bien sûr, to France. My favorite film @Festival_Cannes #Competition so far. Full review to follow. pic.twitter.com/CD5sTduwWR

— A.J. Goldmann (@ajgoldmann) July 12, 2021

Endless wonders to love and savor in Wes Anderson’s THE FRENCH DISPATCH. But even though it sounds and seems, in theory, so irresistibly fun, it’s so elaborately constructed that I failed to really sink into it. I’d put it closer to ISLE OF DOGS than I’d have hoped to.

— Jake Coyle (@jakecoyleAP) July 12, 2021

The French Dispatch (Searchlight, 10/22) left me bored, despite a clever Wes Anderson ensemble (Del Toro, Swinton, McDormand, Chalamet), and Oscar-worthy camera work, production design, and costumes. It’s an amusing tribute to France and The New Yorker, with no compelling story.

— Anne Thompson (@akstanwyck) July 12, 2021