‘West Side Story’, le prime reazioni della critica elogiano il musical diretto da Steven Spielberg

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Prime reazioni entusiastiche per West Side Story, il musical diretto dal premio Oscar Steven Spielberg ed ispirato all’omonimo show di Broadway con testi e melodie di Stephen Sondheim da cui il lungometraggio di Robert Wise e Jerome Robbins nel 1960, vincitore di 10 premi Oscar.

Al timone della regia Steven Spielberg, alla sceneggiatura Tony Kushner (Lincoln, Munich); dalla prime reazioni “a caldo” della stampa Usa, sembra che il nuovo adattamento mantenga ogni promessa fatta allo spettatore e ad ogni appassionato del musical originale. Regia, coreografie, montaggio, fotografia e ottime performance da parte di Rachel Zegler, Rita Moreno (che aveva vinto l’Oscar come attrice non protagonista proprio per il lungometraggio del 1960), Ariana DeBose e Mike Feist. Sarà un successo al botteghino e di statuette per Spielberg?

I was hoping that WEST SIDE STORY (2021) would sate my decades-long desire for Spielberg to do a musical. Alas, it is so beautifully shot and staged, such an absolute schooling of the usual musical directors, that I fear I now want him to make two or three more.

— Jesse Hassenger (@rockmarooned) November 30, 2021

WEST SIDE STORY is *phenomenal.* Steven Spielberg has been talking about making a musical for almost his entire career, and this was worth the wait. This is top-tier Spielberg.

— Chris Evangelista (@cevangelista413) November 30, 2021

So WEST SIDE STORY is my favorite Spielberg film in nearly 20 years. It is gorgeous filmmaking in every respect. @rachelzegler & @AnselElgort are amazing. The supporting cast is impeccable. And Rita Moreno made me cry. So yeah it’s a classic reborn as another classic.

— Josh Horowitz (@joshuahorowitz) November 30, 2021

Steven Spielberg’s #WestSideStory is a TRIUMPH! It’s beautiful & brilliantly photographed – a real love letter to NYC w/ a tremendous ensemble cast who truly redefine this classic story for a new generation. Shout outs to @rachelzegler & @ArianaDeBose who CRUSH it in this film. pic.twitter.com/9wJbUJclnV

— Erik Davis (@ErikDavis) November 30, 2021

WEST SIDE STORY (REDUX) – hearing that score in full again was glorious. Rachel Zegler and Ansel Elgort both sing like angels . MVP Rita Moreno thanks to Kushner’s adaptation which makes several interesting choices; If you’re going to remake iconic classic, mix it up!

— Nathaniel Rogers (@nathanielr) November 30, 2021

I guess we’re allowed to tweet our thoughts about WEST SIDE STORY.

I loved it. It feels like its own thing while retaining a classic vibe. The craftsmanship is incredible and makes me wish it hadn’t taken Spielberg this long to make a musical. Easily his best film since LINCOLN.

— Matt Goldberg (@MattGoldberg) November 30, 2021

WEST SIDE STORY is flat out wonderful. Each frame is flooded with the dynamic passion Spielberg pledged. Contains some of the most dazzling dance choreography you’ll ever witness. Cast is uniformly terrific minus one character nitpick, but Moreno DELIVERS and Mike Faist popped! pic.twitter.com/eQ5BdZfdbv

— Jason (@jasonosia) November 30, 2021

WEST SIDE STORY: If it’s not quite essential, it’s still tremendously entertaining. Vivid, beautiful work from our greatest living American moviemaker. Invigorating choice to have subtitle-less Spanish comprise ~40% of dialogue. David Alvarez is the breakout, but everyone’s aces.

— Barry Hertz (@HertzBarry) November 30, 2021

Just saw #WestSideStory – I was VERY skeptical of this movie. How could anyone, even Spielberg, approach the original’s greatness? I was wrong – it’s an often breathtaking staging of an all-time classic, respecting the original but also reinventing it. One of 2021’s best films. pic.twitter.com/7R0YWeePyt

— Dan Murrell (@MurrellDan) November 30, 2021

Dear Steven Spielberg: Sorry I ever doubted you.

Wear Side Story was a salve and a triumph and I didn’t even know how much I needed it.

— Jenelle Riley (@jenelleriley) November 30, 2021

I cried during West Side Story. Rita Moreno is a legend. But omg nothing prepared me for @rachelzegler stunning debut.

— Jazz Tangcay (@jazzt) November 30, 2021

WEST SIDE STORY is a stunner and top tier Spielberg. Everyone is superb but standout performances from Ariana DeBose, Mike Faist and Rita Moreno’s restrained “Somewhere” is a heartbreaker. #WestSideStory

— Erik Anderson (@awards_watch) November 30, 2021

West Side Story is an earthy, soulful masterpiece. Exploding with beauty, brimming with life. It is magnificent. #WestSideStory

— Awards Daily (@AwardsDaily) November 30, 2021